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Yes, they all contain dirffeent types of bacteria. And no, mixing them will not kill you. The problem is when you mix food that don't get cooked at the same temperatures, thus possibly not killing that foods bacteria. Or the foods that don't get cooked at all. Like cutting chicken on a cutting board, and then using that same unwashed board to chop up raw veggies that you aren't going to cook is very bad. The bacteria transfers to the veggies and never gets cooked out. :O


I will try this next, The BBQ Pit Boys are ALWAYS on top of their game and I have had nothing but SUCCESS folowling their advice.What is the Spicy Vodka BBQ Sauce?


Thanks for stopping by... Which cosrue did you take? What did you learn to cook? Was it hands-on? I've enjoyed Trish Magwood's shows on the Food Network so I have high expectations. Good to know I'm not deluding myself.


That's awesome! Now and then, my Mum makes soeimhtng like this, but when she serves it, she gets this big pan and flips the pot on it to make it into a cool shape (You know, like what you do with custard soemtimes). Anyways We would have this game when we eat, and we would all put our own rice, but the first one to make the rice get out of it's original shape has to clean the dishes that night lol. Whoever reads this should definatley try it. Remember, don't knock till you try it. =]


oh this restaurant.. :)i had some wrledofunly amazing curry noodle, the best i ever tried. As for chicken rice,i never prefer chicken rice no matter where or how good they are because im not chicken rice guy.In all, i think its a good place for good food and good price, believed it or not just try for yourself.Hup

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